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About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp)

Marijuana is a drug that comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The active chemical in cannabis is THC . The more THC hemp contains, the stronger it is. Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) is a illegal drug. Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) can have mild hallucinogenic effects

About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) Forms

Main Forms Of Cannabis Sativa Plant Are :

Marijuana, Hashish and Hash Oil

Marijuana is least powerful form of cannabis.

Marijuana looks like chopped grass, and ranges in colors from green to greenish-brown. The flowers or ‘buds’ are the most potent part of the plant, and so the potency of marijuana will depend upon the amount of leaf and buds it contains. Marijuana is smoked in hand-rolled cigarettes joints or in a water pipes(a bongs).

Hashish is dried cannabis resin which comes in small blocks.

The blocks range in color from light brown to nearly black. The concentration of THC in hashish is higher than in marijuana, producing stronger effects. Hash is added to tobacco and smoked ( joints or blunts ), or baked and eaten in foods such as ‘hash cookies’.

Hash oil is a thick, oily liquid, golden-brown to black, that can be extracted from hashish.

It is usually spread on the tip or paper of cigarettes ( joints or blunts ) and then smoked. Hash oil is more powerful than the other forms of cannabis (marijuana,hemp). A very small amount can have a strong effects.

The variety of cannabis growing for hemp is not the same grown for smoking.

It is bred for it's fiber capacity, not for it's THC potency. Thus cannabis grown for hemp has a miniscule amount of THC and cannot be smoked to get you high (you'd just get a headache).A non-potent form of cannabis (marijuana,hemp) - Indian hemp is used to produce fibres for use in paper, textiles and clothing.

About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) THC delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol

THC is the chemical in marijuana (cannabis,hemp) that makes you feel “high“.

This means you experience a change in mood and may see or feel things in a different way. Some parts of the plant contain a higher level of THC. For example, the flowers, or ‘buds’, have more THC than the stems and leaves. THC is absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the lungs (if marijuana is smoked), or through the walls of the stomach and intestines ( if eaten ).

The bloodstream carries the THC to the brain, producing the ‘high’ effects.This means that the effects of cannabis (marijuana,hemp) when smoked (inhaled) happen more rapidly.

About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) Effects

The effects of any drug (including cannabis (marijuana,hemp)) vary from person to person.

It depends on many factors, including an individual’s size, weight and health, how the drug is taken, how much is taken, whether the person is used to taking it, what it’s being taken for (for example, stress) and whether other drugs are taken. The effects also depend on the environment in which the drug is used - for example, whether the person is alone, with others or in a specific social setting. When people are affected by cannabis (marijuana,hemp) they are said to be ‘stoned’, ‘bent’ or ‘high’.

Traces of THC can remain detectable in urine samples for days, even weeks, after use.

About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) Immediate Effects

About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) Long-Term Effects

Small quantities of cannabis (marijuana,hemp) can have effects that last 2–3 hours after smoking.

Relaxation and loss of inhibition

Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) can make the user feel happy, relaxed, and comfortable. They may feel less inhibited, friendlier and laugh spontaneously. Sometimes people become quiet and reflective. They may also become sleepy.

Increased appetite

Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) often increases the appetite and leads to snacking on junk food (the munchies)

Affected perception

Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) can increase awareness and the perception of color, sound and other sensations. It can affect vision and perception of time and space.

Impaired coordination

Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) decreases coordination and balance, making it dangerous to drive or operate machinery.

Thinking and memory

Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) can affect memory and the ability to think logically. People can lose track of what they are saying or thinking. When affected by cannabis (marijuana,hemp), some people may think as though they have experienced profound ideas or insights.

Other common immediate effects include increased heart rate, low blood pressure, faintness and reddened eyes. There also can be a ‘hangover’ effect, like drowsiness and poor coordination that lasts for several hours after the initial effects.
In greater quantities

Larger quantities of marijuana (cannabis,hemp) make the above effects stronger, and also tend to distort a person’s perceptions.

Very large quantities of marijuana (cannabis,hemp) can produce:

feelings of excitement
anxiety or panic, or detachment from reality
decreased reaction time

Occasional use of small quantities of Cannabis(marijuana,hemp)

Currently, there is no evidence that occasional use of small quantities of cannabis (marijuana,hemp) causes any permanent health damage.

Research shows evidence of some long-term effects in some regular cannabis (marijuana,hemp) users.

Respiratory illness

Marijuana (cannabis,hemp) cigarettes ( joints or blunts ) have more tar than tobacco, placing cannabis (marijuana,hemp) users at an increased risk of respiratory illness such as lung cancer and chronic bronchitis. This risk is increased because marijuana (cannabis,hemp) smokers often inhale deeply, and hold the smoke in the lungs longer, to increase the effects of the drug.

Cigarette smokers who also smoke cannabis (marijuana,hemp) have an even greater risk of respiratory disease.

Reduced motivation

Many regular users, especially young people, have reported that they have less energy and motivation, so that performance at work or school suffers. Usually these effects disappear gradually when cannabis (marijuana,hemp) use stops.

Brain function

Concentration, memory and the ability to learn can all be reduced by regular cannabis (marijuana,hemp) use. These effects can last for several months after ceasing cannabis (marijuana,hemp) use.


Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) can affect hormone production. Research shows that some cannabis (marijuana,hemp) users have a lower sex drive. Irregular menstrual cycles and lowered sperm counts have also been reported.

Social problems

Family problems and other personal problems may be related to cannabis(marijuana,hemp) use. Disagreements over drug use can cause family arguments and affect personal relationships. Heavy cannabis (marijuana,hemp) use may also lead to problems at work or school.


In general, there appears to be three separate circumstances whereby cannabis (marijuana,hemp) and psychosis are linked:

It is believed that cannabis (marijuana,hemp) use - especially if heavy and regular - may be linked to a condition known as a drug-induced psychosis, or ‘cannabis psychosis’. This can last up to a few days. The episodes are often characterized by hallucinations, delusions, memory loss and confusion.

Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) use may also precipitate a latent psychosis. In other words, it could bring forward an episode of schizophrenia or manic depressive psychosis in a vulnerable or pre-disposed individual.It is possible that cannabis (marijuana,hemp) use can trigger psychotic episodes in a person who already has a mental illness.

About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) Common Use

Of all the illegal drugs, cannabis (marijuana,hemp) is the most regularly used.

The claim that cannabis (marijuana,hemp) use will lead to the use of ‘harder’ drugs has been a major argument for sustaining the prohibition of cannabis (marijuana,hemp) . However, there is little evidence to support the notion that cannabis (marijuana,hemp) use leads to the use of other drugs.

While it is true that most heroin users have also used cannabis (marijuana,hemp)(and alcohol and tobacco), it is worth noting that most people who use cannabis (marijuana,hemp) do not progress to using heroin, amphetamines or any other illegal drug.

About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) Medical Use

Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) has been used medicinally for many centuries.

There is evidence to suggest it is useful in providing relief to cancer patients from nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Researchers now believe cannabis (marijuana,hemp) is worthy of further investigation in the treatment of glaucoma, nausea, anorexia nervosa, epilepsy and asthma.

About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) And Driving

It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of any drug ( including marijuana ). Breaking this law carries heavy penalties, disqualification from driving, fines and even imprisonment.

Cannabis (marijuana,hemp), particularly in combination with alcohol, greatly increases the risk of having an accident.

Cannabis (marijuana,hemp) and alcohol can significantly reduce the ability to drive safely. Effects such as reduced coordination, slow reaction time, blurred vision and drowsiness have an impact upon a person’s driving ability. These effects can last several hours, and appear to vary according to quantity, quality and content. Research indicates the number of fatal accidents attributed to cannabis (marijuana,hemp) impaired drivers is increasing.

About Marijuana(Cannabis,Hemp) And Other Drugs

Combining cannabis (marijuana,hemp) with other drugs such as alcohol or prescribed drugs can increase and alter the effects, with unpredictable consequences.

It is always dangerous to combine drugs. It is widely believed that using cannabis (marijuana,hemp) leads people on to using other illegal drugs. However, there is no evidence to support this. Most users of cannabis (marijuana,hemp) do not use other illegal drugs.

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